When and How Can Hedge Fund Managers Close Hedge Funds in a Way that Preserves Opportunity, Reputation and Investor Relationships?  (Part Two of Two)

This is the second article in our two-part series on best practices for closing hedge funds.  The first article in this series laid out an eight-step framework for executing fund closures, and this article discusses many of the difficult issues that managers encounter when working through that eight-step framework.  In particular, this article analyzes the following themes or issues that regularly come up in connection with closing hedge funds: what happens to the rights and obligations in side letters; holdbacks, reserves and clawbacks; three strategies for handling side pockets and illiquid assets; management and performance fees; litigation, contingent liabilities and indemnification; how to handle an account managed in parallel with a closed fund; whether to include or exclude a closed fund in performance information and advertising; investor relations best practices; and the three most common mistakes hedge fund managers make in closing funds.

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