Credit Suisse Survey Reveals Growing Demand by Hedge Fund Investors for Managed Accounts, Long-Only Funds and Alternative Mutual Funds

Credit Suisse Capital Services (CS) recently released the results of its 2016 hedge fund investor survey. CS asked hedge fund investors about industry risks, trends and the drivers of investments and redemptions; appetite for non-traditional hedge fund investment vehicles; anticipated allocations; and performance expectations. Among the survey findings, CS found growing demand for alternatives to direct hedge fund investments, such as managed accounts, long-only funds and alternative mutual funds offered by hedge fund managers. This article examines key takeaways from the survey. For more on alternative mutual funds, see our three-part series on conflicts arising out of simultaneous management of hedge funds and alternative mutual funds: “Investment Allocation Conflicts” (Apr. 2, 2015); “Operational Conflicts” (Apr. 9, 2015); and “How to Mitigate Conflicts” (Apr. 16, 2015). For coverage of past CS investor surveys, see “Investor Appetite for Alternative Investment Vehicles and Strategy Preferences” (Aug. 27, 2015); “Factors in Institutional Investors’ Investment and Redemption Decisions, Appetite for Alternative UCITS and Anticipated 2015 Hedge Fund Investments by Strategy and Region” (Mar. 27, 2015); and “Allocation Preferences of Hedge Fund Investors, With Particular Attention on Preferences of Pension Funds and Insurance Companies” (Mar. 14, 2013).

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