Five Things Hedge Fund Managers Should Do to Start 2022 Off Right

January can be a gloomy month and a letdown after the excitement and joy of the holiday season. Another perspective of the month, however, is that January provides a clean state and an opportunity to make plans for the upcoming year, such as rebooking a vacation that was cancelled due to the pandemic or scheduling a home remodeling project. The same is true in the hedge funds industry. At the beginning of a new year, there may be certain things that hedge fund managers are required to do – and certain things that they may want to do to set themselves up for success in the coming year. To that end, the Hedge Fund Law Report is highlighting five things that hedge fund managers should do to ensure that they begin 2022 on the right foot, along with five articles from its archives to help them complete those tasks, including conducting an annual compliance review; ensuring the compliance department is adequately resourced and supported; preparing the annual Form ADV amendment; ensuring that financial statements are audited and sent to investors as required by the custody rule; and preparing to comply with the new marketing rule. Next week (the week starting January 10, 2022), the HFLR will resume its normal weekly publication.​​​

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