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About us

An Introduction to the Definitive Source of Actionable Intelligence on Hedge Fund Law and Regulation

The Hedge Fund Law Report is the definitive source of actionable intelligence on hedge fund law and regulation. Each week, the Report brings you incisive analysis of key developments on topics including rulemaking, compliance, case law, regulation, enforcement, taxation, derivatives, marketing, best practices and more. Proprietary content is created by a team with backgrounds in hedge fund law, compliance, accounting and operations, financial journalism, regulation and academia. Content is presented accurately and efficiently in analytic articles and summary charts. We also publish articles contributed by leading lawyers, compliance professionals, regulators and thought leaders in relevant fields. In addition, our team routinely talks to key industry decision makers, policy makers and practitioners, and from that grass-roots research creates original features that are not available anywhere else.

Our goal is to enhance the scope, relevance and quality of information available to you when you make decisions that directly affect the profit and loss of your organization.

We work relentlessly in pursuit of that goal in the conviction that better information of the kind we provide can add value in three related ways:

  • Complement your culture of compliance.
  • Increase your revenues.
  • Reduce your costs.

For hedge fund advisers, law, compliance and operations are no longer mere cost centers. Rather, a strong law department or law firm relationships, well-functioning operations and a pervasive and demonstrable culture of compliance are prerequisites for dealing with the top institutional investors, regulators, prime brokers, counterparties and creditors. In short, for hedge funds and their advisers, best practices in law, compliance and ops are a business imperative.

But how do the relevant decision makers identify best practices and monitor changes in relevant law and regulation? That's where the Hedge Fund Law Report comes in. By bringing you the content described above, we give you the tools you need to create and revise your practices, policies and procedures so that they reflect the best available intelligence. We'll tell you, for example, what regulators are likely to look for during an examination, or what a pension fund is likely to expect during due diligence; and we'll describe the substance of proposed and final rules, cases, enforcement actions, speeches, industry reports and other materials that bear directly on your business.

Infrastructure supported by best practices leads to more assets which leads to more revenues and at the same time reduces the costs of regulatory scrutiny and sanctions. That's our view of the marketplace, and that's why we're in the business of better information and analysis.

We exist for one reason - to add value to you and your organization. Accordingly, we actively solicit and always welcome feedback on any aspect of the HFLR - content, presentation or anything else. We look forward to hearing from you at publisher@hflawreport.com.


To subscribe today, please contact Rory Sullivan at rory.sullivan@acuris.com or (212) 686-5337.

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