Hedging into Africa through Cayman and Mauritius

For decades, much of the African continent has been afflicted by political instability, war, famine and poverty.  Although these problems still remain for many in Africa, a number of African countries are beginning to see real economic growth and development.  Whilst it is uncertain whether events such as the current political upheaval along much of the Mediterranean coast of northern Africa or the vote for an independent state of South Sudan will hinder or spur economic growth in these particular areas, many African countries are nevertheless enjoying real economic growth and development.  As investors look to invest into Africa, they want to do so in a secure and tax efficient manner and are likely to seek out and rely on investment routes structured through reputable and internationally recognised jurisdictions.  The Cayman Islands and Mauritius tick these boxes, with both jurisdictions playing an important role in the investment process.  In a guest article, Kieran Loughran and Sonia Xavier, Partner and Associate, respectively, at Conyers Dill & Pearman, discuss, among other topics: the Cayman Islands as an efficient choice of domicile for hedge funds; Mauritius as a treaty-based jurisdiction; structuring and substance for Mauritius entities; tax advantages of Mauritius entities; and investment protection provided by Mauritius.

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