How Safe Is It to Ignore Foreign Tax Claims or Judgments Against Cayman Islands Hedge Funds in the Context of a Winding Up of the Fund?

Cayman Islands hedge funds are subject to no Cayman Islands tax of any nature, but they may become liable to foreign tax claims – for example through trading swaps – or they may become subject to judgments for tax imposed against them in other jurisdictions.  How should such claims and judgments be regarded by liquidators in the context of winding up the fund, whether in a liquidation imposed by the court, or in a voluntary liquidation?  Must effect be given to such claims or judgments, or can such claims and judgments simply be ignored, and the winding up completed without regard to them?  Or should the winding up only be completed once the tax claim or judgment has been abandoned by the foreign tax authority, or only with Cayman court sanction that the claim or judgment be disregarded for the purposes of the winding up?  In a guest article, Christopher Russell, Partner and head of the litigation and insolvency department of Ogier, Cayman Islands, and Shaun Folpp, a Managing Associate in the litigation and insolvency department of Ogier, Cayman Islands, address these and related questions.

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