Hedge Fund Investor Accuses Paulson & Co. of Gross Negligence and Breach of Fiduciary Duty Stemming from Losses on Sino-Forest Investment

Hugh F. Culverhouse, an investor in hedge fund Paulson Advantage Plus, L.P., has commenced a class action lawsuit against that fund’s general partners, Paulson & Co. Inc. and Paulson Advisers LLC.  Culverhouse alleges that those entities were grossly negligent in performing due diligence in connection with the fund’s investment in Sino-Forest Corporation, whose stock collapsed after an independent research firm cast serious doubt on the value of its assets and the viability of its business structure.  Culverhouse seeks monetary and punitive damages for alleged breach of fiduciary, gross negligence and unjust enrichment.  This article does two things.  First, it offers a comprehensive summary of the Complaint.  This summary, in turn, is useful because lawsuits by investors against hedge fund managers are rare, and particularly rare against a name as noteworthy as Paulson.  Disputes between investors and managers are almost always negotiated privately, but such negotiation occurs in the “shadow” of relevant law.  This article outlines what the relevant law may be.  Second, this article contains links to various governing documents of Paulson Advantage Plus, L.P., including the fund’s private offering memorandum, limited partnership agreement and subscription agreement.  Regardless of the merits of Culverhouse’s claim, Paulson remains a well-regarded name in the hedge fund industry.  According to LCH Investments NV, Paulson & Co. Inc. has earned its investors $22.6 billion since its founding in 1994.  Those kinds of earnings can – and have – purchased highly competent legal advice, which translates into workably crafted governing documents.  Accordingly, the governing documents of the Paulson fund are useful precedents for large or small hedge fund managers looking to assess the “market” for terms in such documents or best practices for drafting specific terms.  Thus, we provide links to the governing documents.  See also “Questions Hedge Fund Managers Need to Consider Prior to Making Investments in Chinese Companies,” Hedge Fund Law Report, Vol. 4, No. 21 (Jun. 23, 2011).

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