Fund Misrepresentations Inducing Investment: Claims and Remedies Available to Fund Investors and Protections Available to Promoters, Fund Managers and Directors

False statements inducing initial or continued investment in Cayman funds are relatively rare, but if they do occur, the financial consequences are often catastrophic for the misled investor and present him with a dilemma – whether to pull out and try to recoup the investment, or to stay in, try to recover what losses are retrievable and take whatever benefits there may be down the line.  Although the decision may be easy enough as a matter of choice in principle, a number of thorny legal issues may arise, such as the right to rescind an allotment of shares, derivative claims and the bar on recovery of reflective loss.  For promoters, managers and directors seeking to avoid such claims, the issue is how to protect themselves from accusations of misleading statements about the fund, and from consequent liability for such statements.  In a guest article, Christopher Russell and Jeremy Snead of Appleby (Cayman) discuss the claims and remedies available to misled fund investors and the protections available to promoters, fund managers and directors that seek to protect themselves from allegations of misrepresentation.

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