Barclays Survey Finds Increasing Hedge Fund Liquidity and Decreasing Hedge Fund Fees

Barclays Capital Solutions Group recently published the results of its survey exploring the terms governing the relationship between hedge fund managers and their investors. The survey details Barclays’ findings with respect to hedge fund structures, liquidity, transparency, fees and AUM growth, all of which are important benchmarks that can help a fund manager to see where it stands in relation to its peers. Among Barclays’ findings, the survey noted that redemption time for hedge fund investors, as well as fees charged by hedge funds, have decreased. This article discusses these and other key findings of Barclays’ survey. For coverage of prior research conducted by Barclays, see “Options for Hedge Fund Managers in the Alternative Mutual Fund Space” (Apr. 11, 2014); “Family Office Perspectives on Hedge Fund Allocation Percentages, Strategies, Liquidity, Fees, Track Record and Investor Base” (Nov. 14, 2013); and “Barclays Predicts Increased Financing Costs for Hedge Funds Due to Regulatory Changes Affecting Prime Broker Financing” (Oct. 18, 2012).

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