Annual Walkers Fundamentals Seminar Discusses How Managers Attract Investors in a Challenging Market by Tailoring Fund Structures and Governance Policies 

In a challenging funds market characterized by a high rate of redemptions and growing pressure on fees, fund managers are increasingly adopting strategies to curry favor with institutional investors. The popularity of these approaches is coupled with increased efforts by managers to monitor regulatory developments and ensure their compliance programs can withstand SEC scrutiny. See “How Hedge Fund Managers Can Accommodate Heightened Investor Demands for Bespoke Negative Consent, Liquidity, MFN and Other Provisions in Side Letters” (Oct. 13, 2016). These points came across in the annual Walkers Fundamentals Hedge Fund Seminar held in New York on November 1, 2016, which summarized the recent Walkers white paper that shared a title with the seminar. The speakers at the event included Walkers partners Tim Buckley, Ashley Gunning and Ingrid Pierce; Andrew Kandel, chief compliance officer, co-general counsel and senior managing director of Cerberus Capital Management; and Richard Swanson, managing director and general counsel of York Capital Management. This article highlights the key points presented during the seminar as well as Walkers’ insights contained in the white paper. For the HFLR’s coverage of the Walkers Fundamentals Hedge Fund Seminar from prior years, see: 2015 Seminar; 2014 Seminar; 2013 Seminar; 2012 Seminar; 2011 Seminar; and 2009 Seminar.

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